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Fall 2012 Newsletter


I have just celebrated 10 years since my stem cell transplant and 14 years as a cancer survivor. I have thanked my donor in Texas, my doctor at Dana Farber and my family for helping me reach this milestone. It is because of their combined generosity, knowledge, and support that I can celebrate this 10th birthday.  I also have had the great joy of becoming a grandparent. The gift of time that can be spent with my 4 precious grandkids (with one on the way) are reminders of how lucky I have been to have received such great care. There are so many that have not been as fortunate that we must continue to help find new medicine and help those struggling emotionally, physically and financially with these diseases." Read about StopLeukemia's Inspirations.


A Sample of the Families YOU Have Helped

A 35 year old man is being treated for leukemia after having recently been treated for another cancer. The patient, who has a wife and two children, lives outside of Massachusetts and has to travel hours each way to Boston for his treatment. The patient is trying to work as much as possible as finances are very tight for his family, however it is very difficult for him to do so because of his condition. With the help of the Stop Leukemia Patient Assistance fund, this patient receives assistance to cover the cost of a hotel room when he is feeling too sick after his treatment to drive back to his home and needs to spend the night in Boston to rest. Read about more families.


Fundraising Update

We would like to thank everyone for their support and generosity over the past 3+ years.  With your help, we have raised over $30,000 and have donated $22,500 to the Office of Patient and Family Assistance at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  Other significant donations have been made to the Andrew Sarkisian Memorial Scholarship Fund.  With your continued support, many more families will receive much needed financial assistance.  A friendly reminder that all donations are tax deductible as StopLeukemia is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  Donate now.