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How Your Donations Impact Families 

A 32 year old patient has been coming to Dana-Farber twice weekly for her cancer treatment. She is married with a 3 year old daughter. She owns her own business which is seasonal. She has not been able to work since her diagnosis although she remains optimistic that she will be able to return to her business in the near future. She and her family are living off of SSDI which is barely covering their rent and other monthly expenses. She lives hours away from Boston but with the help of the Stop Leukemia Patient Assistance fund, she was given a gas gift card to help with the transportation costs related her appointments.

A 50 year old woman is traveling from out of state to come to Dana-Farber for a clinical drug trial. The patient has not been able to work since starting treatment and her husband is unable to work due to his own health issues. In addition, they are caring for 3 young foster children. This family is dealing with significant financial hardships but thanks to the Stop Leukemia Patient Assistance fund, they were provided a gas gift card to help with their transportation costs for her appointments.

A patient in his mid-50s is not from the United States and speaks limited English. He was visiting his daughter who lives in the area when he was diagnosed with leukemia. He has been staying with her since then so he can be treated here. Patient had a low wage job in his home country and has not able to work since his diagnosis. The patient is divorced and his ex-wife is also struggling with health issues. He has other children whom he has not been able to see because they live in his home country. Finances are incredibly tight for this patient as his daughter is only working part-time but with the help of the Stop Leukemia Patient Assistance fund, a grocery gift card was provided so he can afford healthy food.

A 45 year old patient being seen regularly at DFCI is an immigrant who is in the process of becoming a United States citizen. Even though his English is limited, he spends his free time volunteering at a local hospital. The patient is living with his daughter in a rented apartment. Even though finances are extremely tight, the patient can no longer receive food stamp assistance because his daughter's full-time job is considered over-income. With the help of the Stop Leukemia Patient Assistance fund, a grocery gift card was given to him to help cover the cost of food for him and his daughter.

A young patient in his mid 20s was diagnosed with leukemia a few years ago and continues to undergo treatment. Patient is from the mid-west but has been living in Massachusetts with his father to be treated at DFCI. Patient is not able to work but has enrolled in some college courses. Along with the medical bills, living away from home has been financially difficult for the patient and his family but with the help of the Stop Leukemia Patient Assistance fund, a gas card was provided to help with his weekly trips to Dana-Farber.

A 35 year old man is being treated for leukemia after having recently been treated for another cancer. The patient, who has a wife and two children, lives outside of Massachusetts and has to travel hours each way to Boston for his treatment. The patient is trying to work as much as possible as finances are very tight for his family, however it is very difficult for him to do so because of his condition. With the help of the Stop Leukemia Patient Assistance fund, this patient receives assistance to cover the cost of a hotel room when he is feeling too sick after his treatment to drive back to his home and needs to spend the night in Boston to rest.